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Allows for the simple embeding of Google Maps in posts. This is done using shortcodes.

[simple-map]1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA[/simple-map]

will drop in a map with a marker on Google’s California headquarters.

Available attributes:

  • height: The height of the resulting map. Defaults to “512″.
  • width: The width of the resulting map. Defaults to “512″.
  • color: The color of the marker. Defaults to “red”.
  • label: Will accept any single character uppercase letter to use as the symbol in the marker. Defaults to a dot.
  • zoom: The zoom level of the resulting map. Defaults to 15.
  • maptype: Determines the format of the map. Defaults to “roadmap”. Will accept “roadmap”, “satellite”, “terrain”, or “hybrid”.

For more information, take a look at theĀ Google Static Maps API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this plugin if there are already other map plugins with more features?

I wanted a really simple wrapper plugin for the Google Static Maps API.